New and Improved  

We've taken the industry's leading monthly report on the intermodal situation...and made a number of valuable improvements. 

What's New?

Complete Coverage of U.S., Canada, and Mexico
We now have complete coverage of the N.A. intermodal situation, not only at the AAR top-line level, but in detail via the IANA data.  We are taking advantage of this to add monthly reporting of internal volume for each of the three NAFTA nations, as well as detail on the cross-border movements between the U.S. and both Canada and Meixco.
Detailed Import/Export Data for U.S. and Western Canada
We now have timely, detailed import and export data for all U.S. ports, to which we add information on the Western Canadian ports as well.  We will have import data for the previous month in each issue, and comprehensive import/export data a month later. In addition, we have beefed up and revamped our Quarterly Focus on Ports and Transloading, which also debuts this month.

NEW Intermodal Competitiveness Index
FTR has created a proprietary Intermodal Competitveness Index which will provide quick read on where things are heading in an overall intermodal sense versus over-the-road.

Enhanced Intermodal Train Speeds
Utilizing the self-reported data provided by the Class I’s, each issue will 
provide enhanced information on intermodal train speeds   

Take some time to review the new Intermodal Update and then let us know what you think.  We are always interested in your suggestions!

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Intermodal Update Sample Report April 2016 (some data redacted)

The Intermodal Update Provides the Industry’s Leading Data, Forecasts, and Analysis

Each Issue Includes
  • A comprehensive overview of the current intermodal environment
  • Review of key trends by equipment type and lane
  • Analysis to help you understand how recent volumes compare with typical seasonality
  • Essential outlooks for Intermodal on freight volume, equipment type, and lanes
  • Monthly commentaries by FTR analysts highlighting relevant trends and issues which affect the intermodal market 
The Enhanced Intermodal Update


FTR's Senior Macro-Economist, Bill Witte, has won 10 awards since 2005, including Best Overall Forecast by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in 2012 & 2014.

Evidence-Based Outcomes: The FTR forecasting model, Freight•cast, is based on hard evidence and dynamic economic variables providing the most disciplined reporting and analysis. The Intermodal Update provides FTR subscribers reliable and accurate outlooks year after year, which support your own internal forecasting and planning. 

Meet the Lead Author


Larry Gross
Partner, FTR
(888) 988-1699 ext. 58

The Full Report

Lawrence J. Gross is a thirty-five-year veteran of the freight transportation sector specializing in intermodal and rail transport, with experience in the truck trailer, railcar and intermodal equipment segments.

Database Upgrade Available
Database is available with history and forecast for data presented in the report. The database is updated every month and is distributed in Microsoft Excel format.

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