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This monthly report gives you all the essential information shippers need on: freight volumes, capacity situation, transport costs, shippers conditions and much more. 
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Download samples of our subscription reports. From freight demand to system capacity to equipment production, FTR reports cover all aspects of freight transportation and have become the benchmark for many in the freight transportation industry.

Sample Reports

Freight Focus The Complete Picture of Freight Transportation in North America

Equipment Focus Premier Forecasting for Equipment Demand

Shippers Update

Trucking Update

Rail Update

This monthly report focuses on near-term freight volumes, truck utilization, pricing, driver supply, trucker economics and much more. Learn More >

This monthly report provides near-term U.S. carloadings and intermodal outlook for the rail industry along with an overview of the U.S. rail freight environment and much more. Learn More >

Truck & Trailer Outlook

Rail Equipment Outlook

This monthly report gives you the best N.A. commercial vehicle equipment forecast in the industry. Each report covers specific detail and forecasts for North American Class 8 Truck, Trailers by type, Medium Duty (Classes 4-7), and the overall trucking environment.  Learn More >

This quarterly report gives you all the essential information you need whether you are buying or building new railcars. Each report covers forecasts for equipment deliveries, provides, detailed unit forecast by cartype, and a 5 year forecast with near term quarterly breakdowns. Learn More >

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If you are multi-modal, consider our Freight Focus Bundle, which includes access to all four freight reports at a discounted price. Click here to learn more >

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Research Reports

Are You a Truck or Trailer Dealer?

FTR has created reports specifically for dealers. Click below for more details and to download sample reports.  

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NOTE: These reports are only available for purchase by Dealers. Verification of Dealer status must be confirmed before access to the report is granted.

Closer Look Series

Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Fleet Usage/Maintenance and Replacement Part Market

This 30-page report looks at factors driving equipment replacement and parts purchases such as vehicles age, typical trade cycles, miles driven per year, and preventive maintenance intervals. The total cost of maintenance and replacement parts (including tires) is analyzed by identifying the annual dollars the reporting fleets spend for the vehicles they operate. Industry data that correlates to the data captured by the fleet survey are then used to offer forecasts for the replacement parts market. 
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True to its name, the Closer Look Series scrutinizes the current railcar market with respect to freight transportation across all car types in order to provide the most advanced analytics available in the rail industry. The Closer Look Series is comprised of six individual reports covering each of the six major car types: 
Covered Hoppers, Tank Cars, Gondolas, Open Top Hoppers, Box Cars, and Flat Cars.
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This monthly report gives you the essential information on the intermodal situation, including: volume trends by traffic lane, trends in equipment type and size, trends in imports and exports by port region and much more.
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