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Shippers Update Report

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In this report, North American shippers will find the essential information they need on: freight volumes, capacity situation, transport costs, shippers conditions, market outlooks, and much more.

SEARS Fall Meeting 2015

Economic Update and Transportation
Market Overview

Presentation by: Eric Starks
Presented at: SEARS Fall Meeting

Capacity Utilization


Driver Supply

Freight Demand



Fluctuating Cycles

Spot Market




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Freight Focus Bundle

A subscription to the Freight Focus Bundle includes all of the following reports:


Shippers Update

  • This monthly report gives you all the essential information shippers need on: freight volumes, capacity situation, transport costs, shippers conditions and much more.

Trucking Update

  • This monthly report focuses on near-term freight volumes, truck utilization, pricing, driver supply, trucker economics and much more. FTR's unique measurement of truck freight gives you a more complete overview of the US truck market.

Rail Update

  • This monthly report provides near-term U.S. carloadings and intermodal outlook for the rail industry. This publication is designed to give you a quick overview of the current U.S. rail freight environment along with a relevant economic overview and forecast.

Intermodal Update

  • This monthly report gives you all the essential information on the North American intermodal situation, including: volume trends by traffic lane, trends in equipment type and size, trends in imports and exports by port region and much more.

The Complete Picture of Freight Transportation in North America