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Partnering to provide the most advanced
forecasting and analytics tools for the spot market.



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Rate Forecast analyzes 10 years of market trends from across the marketplace as well as from FTR's proprietary economic modeling algorithm. The result:

A 52 week forecast on each of 160,000 state-by-state lanes 
and 6 million origin/destination pairs.


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Including Diagram of the Forecasting Model >


"For the first time ever shippers, brokers, and carriers can begin to remove the noise and randomness associated with trends. The model balances seasonal, geographic, random, economic, regulatory, and permanent trends on each lane."

Noël Perry, Partner at FTR and Chief Economist for

"Brokers, carriers, and shippers can benefit from this information through improved budgeting, benchmarking, and business planning."

Brent Hutto, Truckstop's Chief Relationship Officer






Trans4Cast provides spot market conditions, including rates, market pressure, and historical trending for freight transportation professionals. Offering spot market insights to global brands like BB&T and Bloomberg Financial, Trans4Cast breaks down big transportation data into an authoritative yet easy-to-read weekly report.

  • A weekly Market Demand Index (MDI), which measures spot market pressure in regards to freight versus capacity.
  • Regional heat maps, revealing hot and cold spots regarding rates, capacity, and available freight.
  • Accurate and timely analytics of the current market, as well as historical trending, enabling businesses to make quicker decisions and improve their bottom line.
  • Spot market conditions, including truck and load availability, truck and load searching, equipment-specific rates, and load turnaround.




Five Reasons Why FTR is the Leader
in Freight Transportation Intelligence

1) With over 270 years of combined experience in the transportation industry FTR experts provide qualitative analysis with historical and modal-specific insights, helping you evaluate market risks and identify new opportunities.
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2) FTR provides value to its customers through subscription services to freight and equipment focused reports and databases. These reports cover all aspects of freight transportation and have become the benchmark for many in the freight transportation industry.
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3) FTR provides value to the industry through premier transportation events, including our annual Transportation Conference held every September in Indianapolis. All FTR events provide unique, information-rich learning opportunities coupled with networking opportunities.
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4) FTR is a premier consulting firm regarding freight and equipment demand. The FTR staff travels extensively to conferences and meetings throughout the U.S. giving presentations. FTR also does private meetings with businesses so that senior management has an opportunity to discuss the industry directly with us.
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5) FTR has distinguished itself by being the only company with a complete set of freight data for all modes of transportation with detail at the 3 Digit STCC (Standard Transportation Commodity Code) commodity level and in some cases down to 4 and 5 digits. This means that FTR is tracking and forecasting 209 unique commodity groups both quarterly and annually. This data is the result of our proprietary Freight•cast U.S. freight model.
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